At MDS we work extensively with branded concepts and independent projects alike; we ensure each interior space has its own unique identity whether it’s an individual project or creating an identity for a well know brand. MDS is sensitive to the materials and location of the interiors, and we create concepts based on a particular space and locality.

Our innovative interior design’ team has a strong track record of producing quality designs that appeal to the eye, attract customers, and have a lasting quality. We pride ourselves on our extensive range of projects covering all aspects of the interior design including high end residential, commercial and leisure projects.

With an in-depth knowledge, skills, and support, we can help you to avoid expensive and common design errors. Our team is well-equipped and experienced in design troubleshooting with the ability to work individually or as part of a proactive team.


About Us

MDS was established in 2012 with the vision of bringing top quality design to the residential and commercial property sectors of Malaysia. We believe style exists in all situations and can be achieved through a thorough understanding of a customer's requirements.more

Why Us?

Our talented designer uses their natural flare for colour coordination and their in-depth knowledge of style then apply it with equal success to residential or commercial interior design.more